THE AUTHOR – Rebecca De Souza

I am a DPhil candidate at the University of Oxford, researching the literary construction of Christian and Muslim Iberian identities through the legend of Los siete infantes de Lara, from the thirteenth century to the Golden Age, through to its more recent recasting in the modern period in film and as a graphic novel.


This blog is primarily a space to share intersectional readings of medieval and early modern Iberian literature, culture, and history more generally, with a focus on uncovering marginalised voices. To that end, it is also a space to question scholarship that fails to consider the interplay of gender, race, social rank, disability and sexuality in the formation of identity and in the power granted to an individual and/or social group in a given historical period. It will also be used to deconstruct readings that use one of these factors entirely in isolation to explain away an individual or group.

Whilst at present I’m the only author, I hope to use this blog as a platform to engage other scholars working in literature or history more broadly and eventually envisage somewhere where ideas can be shared and discussed.

You’ll also occasionally find me blogging about my other interests and experiences here, which include the pitfalls and successes of writing, reinstating the relevance of comic books and graphic novels for literary studies, decolonising university curricula, musings on the corporate world, and my passion for wrestling.